Instruction Videos

The installation of an electric kids car is not very complicated, the battery car is already pre-assembled for about seventy percent. No technical knowledge is needed for assembly, the assembly of a car for kids takes a maximum of forty minutes.In the packaging of the car you will also find a manual. No wires need to be pulled, this has all been pulled through and only needs to be clicked together. Most loose parts such as mirrors and the windshielddo not have to be screwed, they are attached via a click system. The driver's seat, wheels and steering wheel must be screwed through the supplied screws. We recommend that you do not fasten the screws with a powerful drill, but simply manually with a cross-head screwdriver, if you use too muc force you can damage your electric child's car. All necessary parts are supplied with the battery car. The only thing you need in terms of tools is a screwdriver and a pair of pliers.

MP3 Player

In most of our electric cars for kids there is a possibility to connect MP3 player. In the manual you will find a white or black cable that you need to connect to the headphone output on your mobile or mp3 player. The other side of this cable must be plugged into the MP3 input of the kids car, which can be found on the dashboard of your car. Now all you have to do is select and play the desired music in your phone or mp3 player. Make sure the ignition of your battery car is switched on and turn up the volume.

Use of the parental remote

A remote control is supplied with every electric kids car at By means of this remote control you can control your child's car when your son or daughter is not yet ready for it. Each electric child's car can also be controlled independently by your child by means of the steering wheel and accelerator. The remote control works easily and quickly, below you can see a short video where we show you how to connect and use the remote control of the battery car. If you have any questions you can always contact us at